About Us

Thanks for your interest in “us”, or, more particularly, I guess, me.  David Rowell.

Since January 2020, I’ve written over 160 articles about Covid-19, initially on my long-established travel site, and then moving over to this site.

My undergraduate studies were in the sciences and subsequently won the Sheffield Prize as best business student at New Zealand’s top business school while completing my MBA.  I’m a trained mediator, nationally certified firearms safety instructor, top-level licensed amateur radio operator (NZ9G), certified English as a Second Language teacher, and volunteer middle-school STEM teacher.

Originally from New Zealand (the country that has better managed the virus than anywhere else in the world) I now live in the Seattle area (the first virus hotspot in the US).  I’ve worked in fields ranging from food packaging to public relations, from computer sales and software development to consulting, and variously in NZ, Australia, Russia, and the US.  I’ve been quoted in major newspapers, interviewed on regional, national and international radio and television programs, and have appeared as a keynote speaker at various industry events.

I’ve a teenage daughter and a dog.  I’m not sure which is the more obedient.

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