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Should You Choose the Print Version or the eBook?

We know many people prefer a “real” book, for many reasons.  I do too, although these days, with overflowing bookshelves, there is an increasing appeal to the eBook format, and, dare I say, as my eyes age none-too-gracefully, the ability to adjust the text size in the eBook is an increasingly appreciated point, too!

There is a special feature of the Kindle eBook version – we can update that for you, for free, thanks to Amazon’s policies and how eBooks work.  We expect to be issuing a number of updates prior to being required to issue it afresh as a new edition.  It is of course not possible to update the printed version for free.

But if you do want a print version, we’re setting the pricing to give you also a chance to obtain both the print and eBook versions for not much more than the print version alone.  That way, you have the best of both worlds – a good “old-fashioned” print book to keep, and an updating eBook to check for any recent changes.

So, should you choose the print or eBook version?  We’ve tried to make it possible, if you are a print enthusiast, to get both versions.


If you have the Kindle eBook version, you are eligible for free updates for a certain time.  The number of updates we can distribute for free is defined by Amazon as being until more than 10% of the book is changed, or there are major fundamental revisions.  So we’re not quite sure how long it will be before we need to come up with a second edition, but we’ll delay that as long as we can.

Here’s the version history for the book.  We’ll always show the version details on one of the first pages of the book that has basic contact details and suchlike on it, so you know what version you have.  Amazon also shows, if you log in to their website and go to the “Content and Devices” option from the home page menu option “Account & Lists” any titles with updates.

Version Date Published Details
Edition 1 Update 0 To be published shortly



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