The Covid Survival Guide

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At Home - At Work - Traveling

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This book might save your life or that of your loved ones!

The virus is very real and very dangerous. In mid-December 2020, 10,000 people are being infected with the Covid virus, every hour of every day, in the US alone. Two people are dying every minute, and many of those who survive will suffer lasting damage to their heart, lungs, brain, and other organs. Vaccines, while tantalizingly close, are unlikely to be generally available for everyone until the second quarter of 2021.

This book explains in careful detail the information you must know about what the virus is, how to avoid infection, what to do if you are infected, the latest information on treatments, and what to ask your doctor for.

The authorities give you mixed messages, and even refuse to tell you some of this information. The Covid Survival Guide gives it to you straight. You need this book.

The World Health Organization, and many national bodies such as the CDC and FDA in the US, say there is nothing that can be done when a person becomes infected except for drinking lots of water and resting, and hoping the disease doesn’t get worse and require hospitalization.

But is that really the case?  Some groups of doctors, in many places around the world, have developed early treatments which they say can be given to people to prevent infection or to treat an infection early and stop it from becoming severe and life threatening.

Vaccines are starting to emerge from rushed development programs, but their availability will be limited until probably the second quarter of 2021, and even then, the vaccines may not be all their promoters are claiming them to be.  Not enough is yet known about issues like if they will be effective for all age groups and people with various existing conditions, and neither is it known how long a vaccine will protect a person for.

This new book, “The Covid Survival Guide”, takes a full look at what the virus is, how the responses to date have been largely inadequate, and why there is so much controversy about the virus.

The book then has an extensive section on how to avoid becoming infected, at home, at work, and when traveling.  It concludes with another extensive section on the emerging new treatments that might cure or at least greatly reduce the severity of an infection, with practical advice for people about what they can do themselves.

The book is intended to be understood and used by “normal people” rather than being only for physicians, and avoids technical and confusing terms.  But it is not simplistic.  It is written to a high standard of detail, with over 750 footnotes and links to over 650 sources to support all the information provided.

People who read this book and heed its advice might literally save their lives as a result.  The virus currently is affecting all countries and all people.  Similarly, this book can help everyone, everywhere.

You need more information and better information on all these points.  You need this book, which gives you the knowledge about what to do and how to do it.

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